Ashcroft & Associates Ltd provides expert strategic support in relation to procurement of capital works projects, and independent professional dispute resolution services in relation to construction contracts.
If achieving consistent excellence in the procurement of goods or services is a critical success factor for your enterprise, it is essential that you develop best practice procurement capabilities. This objective can be achieved by adopting our model for excellence.
It is common across the world that construction processes deliver unsatisfactory outcomes - cost overruns, delays, issues with functionality and quality, strained relationships and stressed stakeholders. These issues can be mitigated through selection of appropriate contract frameworks, good documentation, intelligent supplier selection, and effective contract management.
Disputes on construction contracts arise all too often. They can arise from deliberate ploys by a party, through a lack of knowledge of contract law and process, or from a genuine difference of opinion regarding conditions and variations. Time spent in resolving disputes is generally unwelcome and comes at a cost to other priorities. Avoiding disputes, or addressing them in their infancy, avoids that diversion. If the disputes cannot be avoided or resolved by the parties themselves, the New Zealand construction environment provides for a range of structured and formal dispute resolution processes.